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The Speed Data Show is a series of explainer videos brought to you buy IBM Cloud Platform Solution Architects. CrowdMole™ uses it’s own All American Cloud Garage™ to bring you absolute speed and disruption.

CrowdMole™ understands that most people struggle with spatial intelligence. And you can’t see cloud if it’s running on the back end. Our explainer videos are a great way to see what it looks like. Then for you to come up with your own ideas and try them out.

Explainer Video are a great way for you to ask better questions before you begin. Our videos are based on IBM Badging, and our CrowdMole™ BPM. This allows us to attempt to become one of the world’s most efficient contractors.

We tell the story of data and science over time using IBM Cloud Platform. CrowdMole has extensive experience data mining and explaining technical information that is consumable.

We work on SOCIALGOODREWARDS® Projects. It’s very vague and encompassing. So, when we jump up to teach a little of what we know, we know people appreciate it because you can’t find it anywhere else on the internet.

You can head over to Instagram and check out our current season. At the end of the season, it will be removed and we’ll begin rolling into season 3.

$100 for annual access to our explainer videos. You’ll given special access to our IBM Connections Cloud. There you can find extra videos that we use when teaching ourselves IBM Cloud. And make consulting requests through our Branded Cloud. Additional fees apply.

Every Monday & Thursday 9/6 EST | PST

The Speed Data Show is the only place to gain insight into our All American Cloud Garage™ powered by IBM Analytics, Cloud, Watson Data Platform. We cover enough to show you what’s possible without the jargon.