Welcome to the All American Cloud Garage™

Measure architectural revolutions per minute using IBM Analytics, Cloud,Watson Data Platform using IBM Project 1 – Engage with CrowdMole™ BPM methodologies. #SpeedData.

This is a real-time, fast paced environment where you can figure out how you fit in with Today’s disruption cycle. Remember; “There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.” – 5 Star Field General Douglas MacArthur

Come now; re-imagine “the Art of Possible” around Cloud innovation! – IBM

What happens in the All American Cloud Garage™, stays in the garage. Our Garage is a fast flow, real-time variant of our T-BAN Analytics (not for sale) stacks for legitimate business resourcing. This is where we can fail fast on paper, rapidly prototype a solution using a variety of automation, “in-house”, and validated “raw experiences”. We segment by use case and not by industry. Most of our peers do not have the infrastructure to segment this way because they use “traditional” approaches to processing Today’s data stream of information.

The goal is for anyone to have an idea, get your idea in your hand, ask way better questions, then take the appropriate go-to-market strategy to succeed rapidly. (crowdfunding, direct sales, Enterprise SaaS, etc.)

The All American Cloud Garage™ is a first of it’s kind eCommerce solution. CrowdMole™ had a problem and this is the exact approximation to answer the call. It’s design thinking is credited to IBM Project 1 – Engage and proprietary CrowdMole™ BPM (not for sale).

There is no fee to participate in the All American Cloud Garage™.

Products reflect proprietary (trade secret) “methodologies” of concepts most people have never considered possible. Products in our marketplace are market estimates based on supply and demand factors within the industry. Pricing subject to change at any time. Everything is negotiable.

IBM Analytics, Cloud, and Watson Data Platform have their own charges and documentation for purchases made through our garage. Once, you’re registered, you’ll be able to see our online store. There are up to 5 agreements depending on your use case. Charges begin by the minute, hour, and or can be billed monthly.

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User story mapping is a great way to begin your project. Again, we use proprietary technology that helps us to possibly “see in the dark”. The organizational strategy aligns with execution through metrics that are linked to actions, which are then tied to resource allocations. We can do this with minimum inputs to produce strategies that have never existed before. And do things people have never considered possible.

We are Independent Contractors that have under gone standard registration processes. We use Tiger Code™ to obliterate our barriers. You can see the eyes in it.

We have industry restrictions. And this site does not communicate beyond user authentication. There is no email marketing. The only time you will be notified is “if” we hit the “exact approximation” of the require personnel to satisfy the innovative solution without a Prime Contractor. (70 – 90)

Take Your 1st Step With IBM Cloud Platform Solutions

All American Cloud Garage™ is powered by IBM Cloud. Here were allow you to become architects of things that have never existed before and have a lot of fun doing it. #SpeedData on Instagram.