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CrowdMole BPM™ is the fastest way for you to enable compentencies to use advanced technologies in today's marketplace. Out research your peers for better user story alignment and product delivery. This prevents a communication breakdown, increases time to value, and possibly increasing your success rate within our specialities.

We offer record scoring in real-time for GDPR; in the form of RPA, BPO business processing outsourcing via system integration, & other services. Often, we have the field test in our hands using augmented intelligence.

The field test in our hands; allows us to ask superior questions, than what you normally can gather from an abstract concept. Fail fast on cloud computing and not during implementation causing costly project overrun. "The Cloud ate me" does NOT have to be your story.

We use our CrowdMole™ PR1 and CrowdMole BPM to research your ideas. We do this very quickly to provide you with the opportunity to make a very informed decision.

Our Raw Power Stack that's always changing. It's unconventional, and ruthlessly efficient.

Augmented Intelligence97

CrowdMole BPM92

Pattern Language Data Science95

T-BAN Wide Spectrum Analysis100

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Proof of Concepts and Rapid Field Tests

Business Process Architect

Technical Debt & Maintenance Possibly Loosing You Money?

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CrowdMole™ BPM


Data goverance for today's data.


"Everything" else, and paper mills.


Score records in real-time.


Enable competencies for technology.

IoT Architect

Take total control of your data.

Web Hosting

Got Data? We host it.

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Intelligent H2M, M2M, M2H

IoT Starter Kits for Cognitve Machines

Our mission is to optimize people by allowing them to remain within their core skill sets longer than imaginable. New levels of production will require more people to manage global goods and services.

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Cognitive Analytics

Skip The Spreadsheet

Give up your antiquanted black and white forms. We can value you your existing processes, or we can manage them for you. Either way your work could change with cognitive analytics.

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Sales & Marketing

All Marketing Begins With Your Data

All marketing begins with your databases. Most firms are still using antiquanted form collection and hoping to gain data from it. We offer data science in a box to help you get more out of basic A/B testing and form collection. We don't care if it's direct mail or direct response.

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Create Your Masterpiece

All of our solutions harness the power of REST API. Develop your own solution and create your pricing tier. Chef the impossible with API freedom and flexibility.

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Servers & Security

On Premise & Off Premise

We offer a variety of bare metal servers, virtual services, and much more to help you organized and maintain your data. Protect your digital real estate with security groups, VPNs, and appliances.

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Data & Recovery Options

We can store and recovery vast varieties of data. We don't care if it's structured or unstructure. CrowdMole goes further by providing you the insights you need with enough time to take action.

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Cognitive Surveys

All Industries Survey

Accelerate your testing, research, and discovery with cognitive surveys. We allow unlimited responses, and secure data storage. Additional forms are required for HIPAA related surverys.

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Geo Spatial Analytics

Get More Out of Your Target Market

Geo spatial analytics is a great way for you to isolate on your territory. As former merchandisers, the soft data in your territory can give you an overwhelming advantage. Give yourself the upper-hand!

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Enhance Your Vision

We have a full dichotomy of analytics at our disposal to help you LEARN more from your proprietary data. We can also enhance your data by augmented it with social trends. We help you discovery mismatches and innovations to help you maintain pole position.






Text Analysis



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